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Oskar Fischinger: Ten Films

Produced by Center for Visual Music
FSK: keine Angabe.
Disk: NTSC, Region free.
Bild: Color and B&W Tinted. Sprachen und Ton: Englisch, Sound/Silent.
Länge: ca. 50 Minuten.
Regie: Oskar Fischinger.

Inhalt: The first in a series, Oskar Fischinger: Ten Films features ten of Fischinger´s classic Visual Music films plus:
- never-released early experiments, animation tests and drawings
- home movie footage of Fischinger in his Berlin Studio c. 1931
- a selection of photographs and paintings by Fischinger
- film notes by Fischinger and others
- new high-definition digital transfers, preserved films, and digitally remastered audio

Ten Films:
Spirals, c.1926
Studie nr. 6, 1930
Studie nr.7, 1931
Kreise (Circles), 1933
Allegretto (late version), 1936-1943
Radio Dynamics, 1942
Motion Painting No.1, 1947
3 early films:
Wax Experiments, 1921-26
Spiritual Construction, c. 1927
Walking from Munich to Berlin, 1927

Decades before computer graphics, before music videos, even before "Fantasia" (the 1940 version), there were the abstract animated films of Oskar Fischinger (1900-1967), master of "absolute" or non-objective filmmaking. He was cinema´s Kandinsky, an animator who, beginning in the 1920´s in Germany, created exquisite "visual music" using geometric patterns and shapes choreographed tightly to classical music and jazz. John Canemaker, New York Times

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