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Judge John Deed - Staffel 1

Import aus UK. Keine deutsche Tonspur oder Untertitel!

FSK: ab 15 Jahren.
Disk: PAL, Region 2.
Bild: Farbe, 16:9.
Sprachen und Ton: Englisch DD Stereo.
Untertitel: Englisch für Hörgeschädigte.
Länge: 444 Minuten (gesamte Staffel 1).
Schauspieler: Martin Shaw, Jenny Seagorve, Caroline Langrishe, Donald Sinden, Louise Clein.

Inhalt: Judge John Deed is on a mission for justice - and he´s prepared to break the rules to deliver it.

In his red robe and wig Judge John Deed might look like every other High Court judge, but his passionate belief in justice sets him apart from his peers. To the police force, the Crown Prosecution Service, the Lord Chancellor´s Department and even many of his collegues, Deed is a man more concerned with justice than with the letter of the law - a man who will not shun the difficult questions or compromise his principles. But Deed has made it to the top on his own terms and knows it will take every ounce of his sharp intellect, fearless questioning and rakish charm to keep him there.

Includes the following episodes: The Pilot Episode - Exacting justice, Rough Justice, Duty of Care, Appropriate Response , Hidden Agenda.

Dieses Produkt haben wir am Dienstag, 20. Juni 2006 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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