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Patrick Bokanowski: L'Ange

FSK: ohne Altersbeschränkung
Länge: 70 Min.
Bild: PAL, Farbe
Ton: Stereo
Sprachen: Originalfassung
Untertitel: -
Extras: -
Regie: Patrick Bokanowski
Darsteller: Maurice Baquet, Jean-Marie Bon, Martine Couture, Jacques Faure

"In this Brueghel or Bosch cloacked in a 19th century tail coat, characters "à la Boltanski", infinitely coupled to their either seemingly trivial or simply absurd chores, at once mobile (in grinding jerks) and frozen in a sort of infernal eternity, meet in various parts of an unidentifiable location, on and around, it seems, an immense experssionist staircase which leads, nevertheless, to a final luminous irradiation.
This film, programmed non-stop in a Tokyo cinema for nearly ten years (as was Cocteau's Blood of a Poet, has reached cult status among amateurs of a most deeply disrupting and bewitching cinema." (Dominique Noguez)

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